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A friendly and professional pet grooming shop, located at 21 Executive Center Drive, New Milford, CT, near the Stop Shop plaza. We provide full service grooms and baths for both dogs and cats, as well as exotic nail trims. Full service baths include nail trimming, ear cleaning, bathing, brushing, and blow drying. Full service grooms include all of the previous mentioned, with a haircut in addition. Prices vary by breed. In addition to our full service grooms and baths, we provide an array of walk in services and add-on packages. Walk in nail trims are priced at 10$, face trims 5-15$, and fifteen minutes brush-outs at 15$. One add-on package is our Pampered Package which includes tooth brushing, oatmeal shampoo, and conditioner with the bath. We also provide a 1 of a kind shed reducing treatment with a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner to loosen the undercoat which is then removed with special blow-drying and brushing techniques. All services require a proof of current rabies vaccination. Please call us now at (860) 355-xxxx, or stop in for a visit to get a price quote for your dog, or to book an appointment. Hours of operation are Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 8-4 and Sat 9-5. Thank you, and we hope to see you soon!!Listing originally posted at http